10 Statements s*x Starved Dudes Don’t Want To Hear From Ladies

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10 Statements s*x Starved Dudes Don’t Want To Hear From Ladies

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:47 pm

The fact that you could see a part of you guilty of these acts does not give you the audacity to throw punches or rain curse on me

Just grab a bottle of Yoyo Bitters and read along with me the statements s*x starved dudes don’t want to hear from ladies

1. “I’m on my Period”

This statement has been causing controversy since the days of Tafawa Balewa. This reminds me of a lady, during her period, visited my friend who had been complaining to us of accumulated fluid of 3 years. When he made advances the lady claimed she was on her period but her claim fell on my padi’s deaf ears. Before the lady would say “stop” the guy don rush off boxers at the speed of light coombing the girl aggressively

2. “I m a Virgin”

I repeat, no s*x starved dude ever wants to hear that a virgin lady still exists. Take for example, if a lady (Sandoski) walks into my room with her two legs and begins to claim a virgin when the man of God makes a move, and that she wants to keep it till marriage. I will just neglect her and open my Bible to Psalms and start reading it cos I don’t have time for such a lamentation. Their common statement is “who virginity don help?”

3. “A Man who Loves Me will not demand for s*x”

Research and findings have shown that most guys that are s*x starved are usually very uncomfortable and defensive when a lady argues that a guy who truly loves her will not demand for s*x. These guys will start making her realize that she’s very shallow and delusional in thinking. They will insist that if the lady is not ready to give them s*x, on no account should she expect a kobo from them

4. “I don’t visit Guys”

In as much as many ladies often utter this statement just to appear like holy Mary before guys. (though, I take exception to some of them that are being real). When a lady tells a perverted dude that she barely visits guys, he might take offence in that and heaping loads on insults on her

5. “Please keep the door wide Open”

Each time a lady visits me, the first thing I will do is lock the door and throw the key inside my pocket. It’s not that I want s*x or something ooooo, I’m already used to it because I don’t like my door to be opened because of the merciless mosquitoes in my area. If the lady demands I keep the door wide open to avert unforeseen circumstance, I will just pretend as if I did not hear her and I will not offer her ordinary pure water or biscuit. This is because I don’t deal with ladies who don’t trust me. Most of us don’t like to hear this at all

6. “s*x is not Love”

Of course s*x is not a true measure of love but avoid saying that s*x shouldn’t be a priority in a relationship to a s*x starved dude. He will get angry and start giving reasons as to why he cannot labour for another man to reap.

7. “No Guy can Use and Dump Me”

When a lady claims she knows the tricks and gimmicks guys normally use to get ladies in bed, hell is let lose. Yea !!! The dude will start telling the lady that she should pray she doesn’t meet bad guys like them. Some of them will even place bet with their friends that they will definitely get under her skirt.

8. It’s too Early for this”

I just don’t know why an average s*x starved dude passionately hates to be denied s*x. Just when a lady tells him it”s too early to have s*x with him, he will begin to look like someone who just lost a relative. He will start acting like someone who is in the state of coma so that the lady will come closer to him and beg him, and from there, he will grab and begin to comb her. Oga Ronald4lif I throway salute oooo

9. I have a Programmme in church this evening, let’s go together

This statement can also cause fiddle between the lady and a s*x starved dude. The guy will be like, “wetin dis one dey talk for mouth?, I dey reason kitty-cat, this one dey talk church matter” wtf!!!

10. Let’s go outside, there’s heat inside

Even if the room is as hot as a bakery, he will prefer they both die inside the intense heat until he achieves his aim. He will always give flimsy excuses as to why he prefers they stay inside the room rather than go outside. This is because he knows that the hope of bleeping when they go outside is relatively very low

I drop my pen at this point

Feel free to add yours

Thanks for reading


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